How to get a logo for your business regardless of budget

When you’re trying to find somebody to design a logo for you, it can happen quick. If you are already in a network that has access to freelancers or agencies, this article is not for you. Now, if you don’t really know too much about the creative industry, or where to go this article is for you.

To make things simple, I’ll be covering three platforms you can go to online to get your logo created. I’ll break it down into 3 parts.

1. Where to go if you have little to no budget.

2. Where to go if you have extra money floating around.

3. Where to go if you have too much money on your hands.

I’m going start by talking about what most business owners need when they’re starting out, or when they’re getting started. So, if you’re just getting started on a business, 99% of people are going to say, “I want a logo.” Correction: “I need a logo” because it is something that they deem necessary to run their business. I’ll help you figure that out, but I’m also going to educate you and let you know that the logo is not the most important thing to your business.

Business, from a core standpoint, is really done amongst people. Any type of transaction that’s being made, is happening by group of people. When we make purchases from big entities like Apple, Walmart, or Costco, Wawa, etcetera, we think that we’re purchasing directly from the entity. But these companies are simply a group or an organization of people, they just use their logo as symbolism for what they stand for.

When you’re creating your logo, you don’t have to break the bank, unless you have the money to do so. If you have a business idea, or you have a business that you’re starting up and you’re generating zero revenue, you have no clients, you have no money coming in, I wouldn’t suggest spending too much money on a logo. Now, if you do have clients, you do have revenue, you have stuff going for you or you already have potential clients, or you have more money in your hand to get started, then yeah, spend a little change on a logo. You want someone to put great thought into how your company will be perceived.

Let’s dive in! If you’re on a budget and want to get this done without asking your network, go to Fiverr it’s so easy. There are hundreds, if not 1,000s of people on Fiverr that can help you create a logo fast. Find a list of five people on Fiverr whose work that you like. Then commission, two or three of them to make a logo for you. Go through the revisions and pick which one you like the best out of the bunch. That’s the quickest and easiest way you can have a logo for yourself within about five days. If hiring multiple people is too much for you just get one person on Fiverr to do your logo, and keep it pushing.

If you have a little bit more money, or you have clients coming in, you’re making a decent amount. Let’s say you’re making a little over like $3,000 or $4,000 monthly from your business or you have a decent amount of reoccurring clientele, I would say spend a little bit more money on it (logo). You can still go to Fiverr if you want to save. But I would suggest going to Behance.

Behance is like Fiverr, except you must manually handle most of the process. Meaning you can’t just instantly book somebody for a logo. Again, let’s follow the same formula, find about five people on Behance that you like that makes logos, ask for their pricing. Or tell them what budget you have and see if they can work with it. If you have +$500 that you can put towards the logo, message those five people see which one or which ones that can work within your budget. Or see what they can offer you within your budget, boom! Message them, handle the funding; this requires a little bit more work because Fiverr typically handles the payment processing. With Behance, you’d have to figure out a solution to pay the freelancer, whether it will be through PayPal, bank wire transfer, etc. you can figure that out. Freelancers manage themselves so the payment terms may vary. I would say with Behance, you’re going to get a great logo, something a lot stronger than going with somebody on Fiverr. Bonus tip when on Behance look up “logofolio” and you’ll see loads of amazing work and designers to pick from.

This portion is for the big dogs, for the people making good money, or you’re starting up with more capital. Go to Dribbble, its comparable to Behance but less expensive than going to a big agency. I won’t be covering finding agencies in this in article, unfortunately.

With Dribbble we’ll be following the same process we went through with Behance. Find about five designers, you’re going to find people who’ve done work for other major businesses, message them and figure out what they can offer you. You might see some big numbers come back, anywhere from $1,000-$20,000. Now you’re creeping into the value-based-pricing world. Many of these freelancers are experts in their field. Dribbble was a platform that started out where you can only get invited in to post your work, so you are dealing with the best. You are almost guaranteed to get a logo better than if you went to Fiverr. There’s going to be considerably more thought and care put into the execution of the logo. Please come with your wallet prepared.

So those are the three places I recommend for you to get a logo designed. I want to reiterate that a logo is form of symbolism. The logo is not everything for your business, it is not the most important thing. I hope this article is helpful to those just getting started. Keep up to date with me on Medium and if you have additional questions on this process don’t hesitate to reach out me directly via email or at on my website.



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